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SONOMED 302 (1007)

The SONOMED 302 is a smart combination therapy. It has four different types of modality , including ultrasound and electrotherapy applications. In the development of the unit simplicity of operation and functionality were the principal consideration. All the available types of current and therapy are clearly displayed on a LCD screen. The corresponding parameters are easily set with soft touch keys and encoder. Pre-programmed memory with treatment applications offers protocols for more than 102 frequently occurring indications. And users can store their settings in user memory..

SONOMED® 7s (374002)

SONOMED 7s Interferential and Ultrasound Therapy machine is a high quality, advanced, Inferential & Ultrasound combination Therapy equipment. Our equipment is a combination of interferential, Russian, TENS, Muscle Stimulator and Ultrasound Therapy machine. It is designed in such a way that it can be used to provide IFT and USD separately or in a combined manner. It is quite effective in sports medicine and It meets all International Standards and Specifications.

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