PST® 5000s

HMS PST – 5000s Pneumatic shockwave therapy system is one of the most compact high energy radial shockwave system with all accessories. Powerful mechanical energy generator with high precision which provides for efficient and compact design Intelligent touchscreen programs for both experienced operators or new to this technology. Direct access to all necessary parameters of application, including a list of indications with vivid guidelines and rich user customized programs. Preset treatment protocols for the major treatments with photos and detailed indication to guide users including photos on various treatment areas. Customer management tool can show total dosage applied client body and store customer personal information friendly. Our handpiece is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort during treatment. It is crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminum and features high-precision transmitters that deliver outstanding results. Our advanced technology utilizes high-energy radial shockwaves to target and effectively treat issues such as connective tissue problems, muscle weakness, and cellulite reduction. Our mm transmitter enhances blood circulation throughout the tissue, leading to tighter epidermis and significant stimulation of collagen expression. Additionally, our technology improves dermal elasticity and firmness, resulting in visibly improved outcomes.

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